Mountain Biking in Dullstroom

With its rolling hills and beautiful landscape Dullstroom is truly a cyclists paradise. You will be able to lose yourself in the sport with a choice of mountain biking trails to choose from. At over 2000 meters above sea level, the air is thin and crisp and will offer a challenging opportunity to improve their abilities, not to mention how fresh the clean air will feel in your lungs.

Dunkeld offers a choice of three mountain biking trails that you can easily access from your accommodation. Stretching a total distance of 36km, the single-track pathways have multiple streams and bridges that wind their way through the most beautiful parts of the country, offering an entertaining off-road experience.

For those visitors who are not as committed to the mountain biking lifestyle but still want to enjoy the activity and this exciting way to view the area, Dunkeld also rents out mountain bikes.

Day visitors – Mountain Biking

Dunkeld’s Mountain Biking trails are open to Dullstroom residents and day visitors for R50 per hour or R200 for an entire day.


Other Mountain Biking Courses in Dullstroom

If you are an avid mountain biker you might be looking for a bit more distance on your ride. There are several other mountain biking trails within Dullstroom for you to explore.

Dullstroom to Tonteldoos & back – 46km

A dirt road track that will take you over the provincial border and into Limpopo. The trail has very little traffic and is very safe. The route offers a few climbs and drops from 2000 meters to 1800 meters above sea level.

Kruisfontein Loop – 43 km

A predominantly dirt track with a small section of tar. The route has a easy and a hard mode. For those looking for a nice ride to take in the scenery the track can be taken anti-clockwise, and for those who live for the challenge will take the track in a clockwise direction.

T6 Tonteldoos De Berg Ring Road – 75 km

A route consisting of mostly dirt and a short section of tar. The route begins in Dullstroom and winds along the Tonteldoos road and at some points climbing to 2150m above sea level. You will ride along a ridge for a portion of your ride which will offer spectacular views on both your left and right. As this is close to one of the highest points in the province the views are truly something special.

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