Altitude Training

Altitude Training in South Africa

Dullstroom offers high performance athletes a unique training opportunity due to its altitude of around 2,150m metres above sea level at Dunkeld Country & Equestrian Estate. Whether you’re training for your next marathon or mountain-bike race there is no better place to stay and train and it’s not unusual to bump into Comrades winners as they train for their next marathon.

With the second highest peak in South Africa, being only 2,5 hours outside of Johannesburg or Pretoria Dullstroom is convenient location for a dedicated session of high-altitude training.


Altitude Training

The main benefit of altitude training is that when elite athletes acclimate to high altitude, they acquire more red blood cells which allows their blood to carry more oxygen. When they compete at lower altitudes, they get a natural boost to the muscles when additional oxygen is available.

This blood expanding effect can enhance performance in elite athletes by 1 to 2 percent. While that may sound like a tiny improvement, it can be the difference between missing the final cut for a competitive team and earning a medal.